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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

If you want to place an order to us, you have to agree with our term and condition bellow:

a.    Our Minimum Order quantities is equal to approx USD 500.00 per ORDER – exclude Shipping Charge.

b.   We hidden the product's prices for some reasons. You may use our simple shopping chart system to do your selection or simply email us (with the desirable product’s categories information) and we will send the catalogs to you. Please note that the prices shown in our catalog will be for product's prices only (exclude shipping, packing charge and tax). Please kindly contact us to discuss all the matter regarding volume or weight estimation, shipping method, packing and shipping cost.

c.    Order Processing : Orders will be processed when the final written pro-forma invoice is sent to you and appropriate deposits or payment which have been paid by Telex Transfer and arrived in our account.

d.     Production times: Production times are vary according to the volume of goods and variety of design and materials.  Rule of thumb, allow 6 weeks production for most items (some less) and two weeks to allow for collection, rejects, replacements, packing and loading.  For details on your specific production times for your products, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

e.    Payment: For total orders value over than USD 2,000, you have to pay at least 50% deposit to start processing your order. For total orders less than USD 2,000.00 you must remit 100% of the total amount on the pro-forma invoice to process your order. We prefer that all payments be processed by Telex Transfer (T/T). You may contact us directly if you need any additional details on Telex Transfer payment.
Once your deposit was in our account, we will start to process your order immediately.
We need approximately 30 until 40 days to process full 20 ft or 40 ft container orders. We will inform you by email or phone call for detail of your order progress. When they were completely finished and ready to be shipped, you have to complete the balance payment.

f.     Quality Control: Bali Biru Collection’s role is to inspect the quality of goods to ensure that they comply with the pre-determined standards.  We will make sure your order are meet your need.
g.     Our Line of Duty: Bali Biru Collection’s line of duty is to source new product’s design, Craftsmen, liaise with manufacturing process and communicate with clients as required, report on progress during production. Once goods are completed our crew of quality controllers inspect the goods and once approved, our partner shipping company will arranges collection, packing and prepares the goods for shipping.

h.    Shipping cost: Please provide us the name of the Main port or nearest airport ( if you decided to send your order by air freight ) of your location/final destination of your goods with the complete address to quote the shipping charge. The minimum order by sea freight is 1 cubic meter (due to minimum shipment required by sea cargo is one cubic meter).  If you are ordering a full container, you will receive discounted freight cost accordingly.  Please note that a full container shipment’s charge is lower than LCL (Less Container Loading).
We always offer the most competitive shipping prices and the trustworthy shipping agent.  Once you have decided to place your order to us, we will provide you with a pro-forma Invoice indicating the full cost of your order, including the shipping charge information.
We won’t ship the order before receiving the complete payment (either 50% or 100% of the total cost of order as stated above).   

Once the order is in transit, we will send you the copy of shipping bill and any related shipping documents. We will send the Original Document after you have complete all of your shipment charge. We will keep in touch with you until the order has arrived safely.

i.     In case, if you need us as your Buying agent and Sourcing agent, Our fees are based on 10% of all invoices - covering all aspects of the order process.  Prices shown are direct from suppliers / manufactures to you.  Our fees are hard earned as we work to bring you the largest, most stylish range of products we can source, place orders on your behalf and co-ordinate all purchases. Bali Etrade can assist with all of your branding, packaging and labeling of your goods as well.  (Hangtags, stickers, business cards, codes, shopping bags, and promotional materials).

j.    No Cancellation for Whole Order: When your order was confirmed, and the deposit completed - cancellation for whole order is not allowed. However in the case of whole order cancellations, deposit is non refundable.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding the company, products, shipping info, web site content, design, or other usability issues or idea

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