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About Us

If you have been researching to find quality Bali products in wholesale prices, you’ve found the right website. We are a Bali wholesale products supplier and manufacture and could serve all the needs of overseas buyers.
In bali, handicrafts manufacture are based on small home industries which are spread over in the remote villages in almost whole East Bali area. That's the reason why is it hard to find Bali products in wholesale prices. Because I am sure that you could not reach them all to find the best wholesale prices. And the Europe crisis make some of them should find another business field to keep survive.

To solve the problem, we embrace the exists manufacturer into our Company network and help them to survive in bad market situation and tight competition. And we could offer the better Bali products prices to our Customers as well. We control their work directly like production process to keep the products quality and reach the production time limit. We are manufacture and wholesaler company but if needed, we can serve buying services as well.
How We Works

We only need the whole information about product’s categories you need and we will send the catalogs by email with our best prices. In case you need better prices, we could do a further discussion then. We will give you the best prices that our future customers could afford. And the next step, simply fill the quantities column with the desirable numbers and send the catalog back to us. We will give you whole information needed like volume estimation, the shipping term possibility, packing method, production time etc. We will leave the selection of shipping method or Agency to your hand or if you need us to offer the shipping cost, we will find the best offer from the reputable Bali shipping agency. We could serve special packaging and labeling as well.

Visit us directly to Bali is a good way to build trustworthy for both of side. We will drive you to see our work shops and office to prove that we are a trusted bali wholesale and manufacture Company. We are open for any discussion you need like specification of products, finishing methods, customer shapes and coloring. As we know that short time you  have, we will report you daily about product selection you’ve made.

Alternatively, if you need us as your buying agent to process your purchase to your suppliers or manufacturers you already have in Bali, we will act as your hand, eyes and ear, and report all information you need frequently. We’ll arrange order processing on your behalf, payments, quality control and inspection, and control the shipping of your order.

Finding Bali wholesale products could be as easy as you could imagine when you deal with the right company who could offer professional services for their clients. Give us a try, send us an email and you will not be disappointed!!

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