Bamboo handicrafts – Bali Bamboo Handicrafts

The ancestors created handicraft items from natural materials as an equipment in their daily life. In Indonesia, especially Bali, bamboo handicrafts always takes a big part in citizen culture. These handicrafts are usually used in religious ceremony as well. You could find a wide variety of these handicrafts here such as: baskets, mats, hat, traditional fan, wind chimes, music instrument and event furniture.

The most popular of bamboo handicraft’s form in Bali are matting craft, wind chimes and bamboo furniture. There are numerous kind of good quality bamboo which used as material. Some of them are local and some come from java and other island or provinces. They usually treated first before transform into Bali products, to make sure they have good protection to bugs, mold and wild elements.

The central manufacturers of bamboo handicrafts in Bali are Bona and Belega villages in Ubud regency. It is about 45 minutes until one hour trip from Kuta normally, but its depend on traffic. There is uncountable bamboo product’s industry in those areas. If you wish to purchase this kind of handicraft, you may explore the villages directly or compare those products online. Most of online Bali wholesaler offer this products as well. The uniqueness of the products will bring an elegant look to your home or office.

Bamboo furniture mostly exported to Canada, Japan and Iran in the past year. Bamboo Wind chimes is in high demand in America and Spain, and several kind of bamboo baskets are mostly exported to Chile. Many craftsmen who produce bamboo products are still exist until now, although the global crisis has gave a big hit to all bali handicraft business.

Bamboo handicrafts manufacture in Bali are actually produced in small home based production. The art shops along Tegalalang, Bona and Belega main road are as the showrooms. If you visit the area, you will find many Buyers or vacationers who are have a big interest to bamboo products as merchandise or as their business commodity.

According the Government report, in the year 2013, the export value of these products is USD 11,47 million, whis is decrease around 35,26% from the year 2012. But increase in the volume around 30%. That implies these product’s prices are decrease significantly in overseas market. It could be causes by the high competition which brought by Vietnam and China products.

To get their market back, Bali’s craftsmen come with many new design and shapes. They combine bamboo with other materials to produce new products like trays, frames, mirror, lamp shades, baskets and many more.