Wood Carving: The Most Wanted Bali Wholesale Products

Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that have the best hand skillful craftsmanship. It can be seen from the popularity of the carvings from Indonesia across many countries. Java and Bali Islands are the places where many skillful craftsmen create their masterpiece art works. That is why Balinese woodcarving is one of the most wanted products of Bali wholesale. As the place where many tourists come, Bali has its own specialty in carving sectors. Balinese craftsmen are very good in creating complicated shapes of carving.

Details are not a problem for them because they have been used to make realistic shapes for traditional or religious purposes. Yes, the wood carving tradition has something to do with cultural and religious background of the Balinese. Woodcarving from Bali has its own specialties compared to any other carvings. The results are more sophisticated with careful attentions paid to the details and shapes. The skillful hands of Balinese men are undoubtedly increasing the exclusive position and prices of the Balinese people.

Balinese Wood Carving Demands in Bali Wholesale Market

Woodcarving is not a cheap product because it needs special skills that cannot be replaced by machines so far and the production time mostly quite long. Many handicrafts and accessories are made of resin or other synthetic materials that are designed to look like woodcarvings and offered in much lower Bali wholesale prices. However, it does not really influence the high demands for then genuine Balinese woodcarvings, thanks to the much better quality and value. Woodcarving can be applied for furniture or made into individual pieces of wooden handicraft, such as animal figures, small-carved house wares, and home decorations.

There are various kinds of wooden carved handicrafts. Some of them are made with the exotic natural looks of the wood colors and textures. Some others are done in beautiful painted finishing. Local buyers usually consider that the natural look of the wood should be exposed to show the exclusive and high class materials. Meanwhile, some buyers from different countries, especially from Europe, have demands on painted wooden animals figures just like what they have in their traditions. These options enrich the variety in Bali wholesale products.

What Determines Wholesale Price

Prices of the woodcarvings are various. There are some factors, which affect the prices. Material is one of the factors that determine the production costs of the wooden carved handicrafts. Hard wood that is old enough, dried well, and free of decays show good wood quality. It is very important since wood is very risky to shrink and grow when affected by different conditions of the surrounding temperature, and dryness.

The other thing that influences Bali wholesale prices on woodcarving is the design. The more complicated the carving is, the higher the price will be. Sophisticated woodcarvings can be valued very expensive because they involve complicated detail that can only be done by professional craftsmen. Wooden carving is part of the Balinese people traditions from their ancestors. They have been preserved until today and developed widely throughout the world’s market. Along with this development, Bali wholesale comes to provide more options of Balinese wood carvings.