Teak furniture Preferred worldwide for indoor and outdoor furniture

If you are willing to upgrade the look of your patio or interior then teak furniture will be the best alternative. You will definitely feel great having beautiful teak furniture at your living area or your outdoor garden. Not only it is beautiful but it is durable and eco-friendly also. The durability comes from the fact that it is kind of hardwood and a single teak tree that is cut down is minimum forty years of age. Teak furniture generally comes in honey brown color which is the original color of teak wood. People prefer not to get it painted because its natural color is so beautiful and rich in appearance. Teak furniture is mainly used for outdoor because outdoor furniture is always left out in open and has to survive any climate conditions. Teak wood have this property to survive any climate condition without losing its beauty. Another important thing to note is that even if you leave it in open without any maintenance you will not be in loss. When exposed to outdoor element teak fades to a silver grey color that has its own beauty. Some people deliberately do this to get the silver grey color.

Teak woods are given particular grading depending on the suitability and importance for particular production and strength, specifically if they are used for patio or outdoor furniture. Best teak is a Grade A teak woods that will be dense, hard-wearing, robust and sturdy. It is marked as grade A when it passes the inspections and tests of best quality. This type of teak will be free of any cracks and splits. On the other hand grade B and grade C teak woods will have a little but not very clearly visible imperfections but it doesn’t make it less durable. Grade A teak is mostly preferred for outdoors while the other two are preferred for indoors. There are various kinds of teak available in the market today. These variations occur because of the origin of teak wood. Different countries produce different kind of teak woods. Quality wise Indonesian teak is considered the best among all other kinds of teak woods.

Teak furniture made from an Indonesian teak are more durable than teak for any other country. Bojonegoro teak is one type of teak which grows in Indonesia. It had a rich golden color and looks very beautiful and elegant. One particular type of teak tree is Banyuwangi teak that is mainly produced in India. It is prefer because it is has lower price compared to bojonegoro. Another kinds are Philippine and Dahat teak. They are valuable but not very common since they are at a stage of extinction. You may still get it due to some illegal activities so you should be careful what type of teak furniture you are buying. One common and relatively cheap teak is tectona grand is but still quite strong in strength. It is easily available teak and compared to other teak wood. All these variations and features are only possible with teak wood. Till now you must have already got an idea about what you should buy and what is the real value of teak wood.

There are many furniture shops which offer teak furniture in Bali as well. The products well known as Bali furniture and have been exporting to Worldwide. This Home wares materials could be from other island in Indonesia but produced and sell in Bali Island.